Modern Musicianship Guitar Curriculum

Shedthemusic's Modern Musicianship Guitar Curriculum is a turnkey solution for the guitar teacher. This project based course guides students through all of the elements of modern guitar playing while developing the ability to arrange music for guitar ensemble. Each project includes a multi-camera video walkthrough with indexed chapters, interactive Noteflight scores with engaging backing tracks, video and print references, and built in remediation and enrichment activities.


What People Are Saying

"I love this curriculum. It's paced beautifully and visually engaging. Last year I walked into a shrinking guitar program but with the help of this curriculum, we've maxed out 3 classes and opened a new section." Ariel Zink | Tartan High School

No Frets Allowed Presentation

I go over the theory behind the curriculum and walk through the different units and functionality in this live stream video.